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The Forgie family moved to middle Tennessee from Michigan in 1989 for a job opportunity. We immediately fell in love with Tennessee. What’s not to absolutely love about this beautiful area? When Bill’s new job slowed down, he found he had some free time on his hands. We had raised pigs, chickens, turkeys and corn, besides working a full time job in Michigan. Someone suggested to Bill about starting a peach orchard. We didn’t want to have to deal with anything that could escape or that you had to feed and water all the time. So with Bill having lived part of his life in Traverse City Michigan, where there are many peach and cherry orchards, we started our research for an orchard. Our county UT agriculture extension office gave us great information from everything from costs, to planting, to give us direction for our new adventure.

In 1994 we planted 350 peach trees. Our first year of sales in 1998 were slow at first but began to pick up in 2006. We’ve expanded the orchard over time to 7 varieties and 850 peach trees. Approximately 60% of our fruit is U-Pick, with 40% of fruit sold pre-picked. We also sell our home grown vegetables and honey at the orchard.

While trying to create a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere at the farm, we teach children how to pick the perfect peach. We also give rides to and from the rows from within the orchard on a Kawasaki Mule or on a tractor trailer ride. We educate our customers on the finer points of choosing a peach for their particular needs, whether for eating fresh, baking, cooking or preserving. We enjoy answering customer questions on how to care for their own fruit trees as well. As we continue to strive to make your experience a great one, our goal is to have our orchard your destination.

So we invite you out to take a breathtaking drive into the beautiful country side of middle Tennessee. We promise you some of the biggest and best peaches ever picked off a tree. We hope to see you soon for a great family experience!